Supreme Allied Command Training on Earth

Allowance of Body-Mind-Heart-Soul Energy Expansion and Future Path Projections

We allow for the Activities of the Soul to flourish in the future while co-creating the universal expanse.

We are they who recognize our Mer-Ka-Bah as our way of the immortal path and travel many dimensions through portals.

We call these portals onĀ  the macrocosm as cosmos our stargates.

We shall share our educational training and knowledge with those who from the heavens came and descended and ascended time immortal as in humanity. Oh humanity unite our souls that we can forever travel and flourish in and out of our forever realms known as our own co-creations of the universal order as that which is the greater and lesser gods eternal souls divine chosen and made to import all that was at one time exported to various places in the space we call the “KAH” as the “BA” was distributed eons of energy as expansion of the macro.

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