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We experience life in our own way with our own experience, our own interpretation. What expectations do we create.

Many tightened rules areĀ  3D as history aqnd beliefs and what you think is a fixed ting.

Larger consciousness is allowed to grow up in OBE without fear and suicide which leaves you with no body.

OBE has a test to not create fear of a higher self or overe soul and channel of fear to love frequency.

As we get rid of fear and become love we are part of the system and we lower our entropy and incentive is to grow up in our data stream. Think about how to level up with the “Game of Life” as the server.

Specific Altered States Robert A. Monroe, Far Journeys.

We can share various levels of OBE and inner workings of subjective science eplanation that bridges physics and metaphysics to the theory of everything.

We have various 3D levels of visiting this planet. We are all saying the same thing. That we are all multi-dimensional travelers.
When you have an out of body you can see, hear, smell, and all engaged elsewhere. You are using your intent to a different dataq stream.

We live in a virtual reality. Science is geetting to that now. Explains the results of scientific experiments for our computed reality.
We are consciousness receiving to a data stream like world of waqrcraft or we swtich to another reality. We pick

In that reality frame the different rules determine enrgy exchanges. The rule set here for graqvity does not allow it in this biology.

We are learning rule sets of virtual reality and physical reality.

Out of body is a different virtual reality and that rule set is very small and lax.

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