An Alien ET UFO Interstellar Happening

I have had this happen and have written an article about this which happened to me in Gulf Breeze.

Allied Command Oracles
Ascension Center Origins

Transdimensional Beings and Interdimensonal Beings and phase shifts.

TJ Morris Radio
TJ Morris ET Radio
Era Cop
Allied Command Org
Commander Morris
ALlied Commands Org

Sharing into higher resonant frequencies, astral bodies, and thought forms can be shared in action in lucid dreams.

We are advancing into another level of existence.


Dr. Steven Greer may or may not resonate with you and your friends, however, learning how to bridge peaceful communication as an ambassador is a choice.


I got involved due to my own Near Death Experience. So finally breaking down my life today to listen to this talk is life changing for me. This allows me to hear about a cosmic consciousness and unity consciousness.

This man, Dr. Greer has shared a same story line. I was shocked to hear his story. It is much like my story.

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